We have several ways and programs for paying for service. If you have any questions please contact us right away!

What is the cost of a Virtual Landline number?

It's £9.99 per month, no hidden charges, no minimum term, you can cancel at any time for free.

Are there any set up or installation fees?

No! No set up costs or installation fees. We can also have you up and running the same day.

Is there a cost to divert from the Virtual Landline number to my mobile?

We do not charge for diverting calls, it's free and unlimited.

Are there any additional costs passed onto my customers calling the Virtual Landline?

No, the cost of the call is the same to any other landline number. You will be making a saving and passing the saving on to your customers as they will no longer have the extra cost of calling your mobile number anymore.

Am I tied into a contract?

It is simply a 30 day rolling contract, give us notice at the beginning of the month and we will cancel the Virtual Landline at the end of the month.