These resources are a fun way of engaging your child and their growth!

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Community Resources

Resolution Horse: A non-profit, Equine Therapy Company, located in Herriman, Utah.
The Children’s Center: Local Mental Health Center in Salt Lake City that offers Social Skills Groups and P.L.A.Y Project therapy.


Red Rover--This game teaches receptive skills and helps with discrimination training (colors, shapes, letters and numbers). Red Rover (Amazon) Uno Moo--This game teaches discrimination training (animals and colors) and is great for turn taking. Uno Moo (Amazon) Twister-- This game helps with following directions, gross motor skills and bilateral coordination. Twister (Amazon) Hedbandz--This game is great when you are trying to help your child learn how to ask questions. It is also great for learning how to answer yes and no questions. Hedbandz (Amazon) Head to Toe--This game is great for following directions, sequencing and taking turns. Head to Toe (Amazon) See and Spell-- This is a wonderful spelling toy. All of the kids I work with love it and it is a great way to work on letter awareness. See and Spell (Amazon) Vehicles in a Box Puzzles--These are the perfect size puzzle for kids just learning how to manipulate jigsaw puzzles as well as for kids that have 12 piece puzzles mastered. Kids love putting these puzzles together.Vehicle Puzzles (Amazon) Sort and Learn Discovery Boxes--This is an AMAZING toy! It is especially great for young learners because it is so tactile. It allows a child to sort not only by color but eventually by feature and class. Sort and Learn Boxes (Amazon) Magna-Tiles--This is a fun new way to build structures and learn shapes. Magna-Tiles (Amazon) Listening Lotto (BINGO)--This is a fun twist on BINGO. A child has to discriminate what sound they are hearing and then look to see if they can find it on their card. I have also used this as an assessment tool to see what sounds a child can discriminate. Listening Lotto (Amazon)


Choiceworks-- Great app for picture schedules and First/Then schedules. It has many pictures already, but it will allow you to add your own pictures as well. Signing Time-- This has a great video library of signs as well as 6 Signing Time videos. The videos include: "Theme Song", Leah's Farm", "Going Outside", "Groove With Me", "Show Me A Sign", and "The Good". I have definitely gotten my money out of this one! Injini (Lite) -- This is a wonderful app. It is just a sampling of the full version which is $50, but it still has plenty of great things for your kid to do for free. Seek and Find (from wonderkind apps)-- This is a really cute app of a farm scene. When you touch the picture it comes to life. You can also purchase other scenes such as a zoo scene and a forest scene for $.99. Game Factory (from Bacciz Apps)-- This a great app because you can download your own pictures to play with. This is great for generalizing vocabulary. Sounds (from Different Roads to Learning)-- This is a great way to work on sounds objects make with your child. Easy Bake (Ultimate Oven) Cupcakes!-- This is such a fun app! All of my kids love picking out the cupcake they are going to make, mixing it, baking it and then decorating it. The best part is that it is FREE! Shape Puzzle HD (from Newness World)-- This is one of the best puzzle apps I have found. You can download a free version, but for $.99 you will get several additional scenes. This is a great way to generalize vocabulary. Bob Books (BB Magic #1--from Learning Touch)-- This is a wonderful app for teaching CVC words. Zoo and Farm Sounds (from Tantrum Apps)-- These are great apps for learning zoo and farm animals. They also have a feature where you can take your child's picture and make it part of the animal's face. Very cute. Routines (from iTouchiLearn)-- This is a great app about morning routines. It has songs and activities for waking up, washing hands and face, dressing, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, and going to school. JibJab Jr. -- This has to be my favorite children's book app! You can download a free story and then choose to buy others. One of the things that makes it so charming is you can take a picture of your child and his/her name and picture will appear in the story. I love, love, love it!