ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is based on the science of learning and behavior. It seeks to: - Identify how behavior works - Identify how behavior is affected by the environment - Helps understand how learning takes place It can help: - Increase language and communication skills - Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics - Decrease problem behaviors

Social Skills

Social Skills are a huge focus of every child's ABA therapy program. At our centers, children will have the opportunity to practice specific social skills with their peers. Data will be taken on each child's progress.

Behavior Plans

Behavior plans are developed to address maladaptive behaviors. Positive Behavior Supports are utilized to encourage behavior change. Behaviors are analyzed in order to determine the function of behavior. Data is taken to ensure the behavior plans are effective.

Potty Training

Once ABA therapy begins, the BCBA can help to create a customized plan to help your child become toilet trained. We utilize the Fox-Azrin method and other researched potty-training methodologies to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Autism Solutions Academy

At Autism Solutions Academy (ASA) we recognize that every child's learning style and motivation is different. Because of this, every child follows a customized curriculum and treatment plan. Positive behavior supports are utilized to ensure each child is motivated and excited to learn. ASA combines ABA therapy with a traditional classroom setting. - Classes range from Preschool-12th Grade (depending on the campus). In addition to class time with their homeroom teacher, students will receive a minimum of 3 hours a day of one-to-one ABA therapy with a trained ABA therapist. As a Carson Smith approved school, our students are able to apply for funding through the Carson Smith Scholarship Fund once they receive a letter of enrollment.

At Autism Solutions we believe progress should be fun! Using ABA principles, we help children reach their full potential by teaching social, behavioral, and academic principles in the environment that best fits what they are learning and by using materials that motivate them. Through this personalized learning process, children are more capable of generalizing learned skills in their natural environment. Our well-trained staff is ready to create programs that adapt learning styles to fit your child's needs.